The ‘F’ Word

¬†One of the most inflammatory phrases to jump from the tip of the tongue, the “f-word” you may be thinking of isn’t the subject of content for this page…

However, the trifecta of phonetically-fraternal-phrases of focus that this site will be dedicated to are incendiary in their own right…

Family. Fire. Football.

Three words: Each of which ignites my passion for life in an unparalleled way, and which collectively inspired this endeavor. In keeping with the theme, each post will center around a word or phrase that starts with ‘F’ and directly aligns or tangentially falls under the overarching umbrella of one of the aforementioned three pillars.

Thanks for clickin’ over, and I hope you enjoy. If you fail to enjoy the first time around, crack a cold one, dust it, and try again.



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